Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan in His MCSO Office

MCSO Chief Jerry Sheridan in His Office
MCSO Chief Jerry Sheridan in His Office

Chief Jerry Sheridan photographed in his office before he was promoted to Chief Deputy of the MCSO.

Looking tough, the now number 2 man in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is confident and relaxed behind his desk.

Chief Sheridan is equally relaxed in and around the MCSO’s 8 jails, with his employees, and with his students in Criminology and Criminal Justice classes.

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  1. Read that Jerry Sheridan will be leading the discrimination policy.
    The Newspapers imply discrimination. How many of the employees are non-white?
    And how many participate in arresting illegals?

    I believe there is a lot more non-white people working for the county and so those people would also be included in the charges. Or all of these people are doing there jobs.

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