Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan of the MCSO

Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan in His Office
Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan in His Office

Chief Jerry Sheridan of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office jail system, seen here in his office, before he was appointed as Interim Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.This appointment for Gerald Sheridan took place when then Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott was the subject of investigation following the release of a scalding memorandum by Chief Frank D. Munell.

Chief Sheridan was integral to my involvement in the Jail Project in Phoenix, Arizona. I was looking to work on a new social-documentary photo project when I became aware that one of my beginning Photography 1 students, Jerry Sheridan, was employed by the controversial sheriff of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office ( MCSO ), Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Chief Jerry Sheridan opened the doors for me to this, the 3rd largest jail system in the US, helped me with the project, and has been a great supporter throughout. We continue to work in the jails on this project. I couldn’t have done this without his help, support and ultimately, his friendship. Jerry Sheridan has also become a fine photographer in his own right in addition to his rise to become the Chief Deputy of the MCSO.

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  1. I am a past student of Chief Sheridan and have been able to visit several of the Maricopa Jail facilities and have seen first hand the professionals that work day in and day out to keep the streets of Phoenix and the state of Arizona safe. I am certain, after attending his classes, he could be making far more money in the private sector if he so chosed. I am a former Corrections Officer and Deputy and have seen the inner workings of large Metropolitan Jails. MCSO is the cleanest and safest jail I have had the priviledge to visit. It’s no picnic, but then it isn’t supposed to be. Everyone I met at the jails respect Chief Sheridan as they should. Chief Sheridan will one day inherit the top spot when Sheriff Joe voluntarily retires. We should all be thankful to have such dedicated Law Officers in Arizona. By the way, I’m a Democrat, and I support Sheriff Joe and Deputy Chief Sheridan.

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